One comment on “Happy birthday Geena Davis, born January 21, 1956.

  1. Happy Birthday Geena Davis

    Geena’s first major role to fulfill
    On TV was in ‘Buffalo Bill’
    Though the show was a blast
    With its ensemble cast
    Weekly ratings were run-of-the-mill

    Then she moved to the silvery screen
    In the days of the Reagan regime
    Now she’s rich and well-known
    With an opulent home
    And is held in the highest esteem

    In ‘Tootsie’ she played April Page
    Who was cast to play parts on the stage
    Dustin Hoffman was droll
    In the film’s title role
    Drawing copious critical praise

    In ‘A League of Their Own’ she was cast
    As a gal with a mitt and a mask
    Catching balls that were thrown
    From a mound towards home
    After digital signals were passed

    In ‘Beetlejuice’ Geena’s depiction
    Of a newly deceased apparition
    With a case of the blues
    Earned her glowing reviews
    Like Paul Newman in ‘Road to Perdition’

    Geena also was featured in ‘Fletch’
    Chevy Chase played a lovable lech
    Who exposes a cop
    In a dastardly plot
    To illegally feather his nest

    She portrayed played Thelma Dickinson too
    As a gal who stopped in for a brew
    With Louise, her girlfriend,
    Who was forced to defend
    Her from Harlan, whose manhood had grew

    So let’s wish Happy Birthday to Geena
    Who’s still here, unlike Dennis Farina
    And who’s known near and far
    As an eminent star
    In the decadent acting arena

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